Pace 2010

March 18, 2010

pace cycles
Adrian leads Benji around the UCI World Cup course.

We spent a day over at Dalby Forest being shown the full range of Pace bikes by head honcho Adrian Carter. And then we gave them a quick blast around the UCI World Cup course.

Here’s a video of Adrian walking us through their range (and there’s some fun riding footage at the end).

And for those that like their pics and captions…

pace rc104
Pace RC104

Pace RC104
RRP: £595

Something rather different from Pace – a steel bike. TIG+fillet brazed joints and some shiny shiny chrome. Includes the “Slideout” dropout system so you can run gear, singlespeed or a hub gear. Built for a 100-130mm fork. 69.5 degree head angle, 73 degree seat angle, 305mm BB height (with 100mm forked sagged 20mm). Available in this ace “Morris blue” colour or “Purple marine”.

pace rc204
Pace RC204

Pace RC204
RRP: £1,395

The new full susser in Pace’s ever-increasing range of frames. Made from Scandium. 100mm travel at the back, designed to work best with 120-130mm fork up front. Light enough to do races on but geometry aimed more at being an excellent all-round trail bike. As with their other Free Floater “floating pivot point” suspension bikes, the axle path is a very slight forward arc with bit more forwardness at the end (like an upside down J shape). 68.4 degree head angle, 72.8 seat angle, 330mm BB height (numbers based on 100mm fork without any sag). Available in Ducati-inspired red and yellow paintjobs. Sub-27lb build as depicted.

pace rc325.5
Pace RC325.5

Pace RC325.5
RRP: £575

The latest evolution of Pace’s well-admired biggish-forked hardtail. Tweaked to take the new breed of 140mm fork. Also is Hammerschmidt ready. The tubing has also been tweaked quite a lot to “de-harsh” the rear a bit. A bit slacker up front than before: 68.5 degree head angle, 72.5 degree seat angle, 307mm BB height (based on 140mm fork sagged 35mm).

pace rc405
Pace RC405 (with Benji and Adrian chatting about head angles in the background).

Pace RC405
RRP: £1,250

The latest incarnation of Pace’s first full susser. Nothing dramatically has changed for 2010. 6061 aluminium. 130mm travel at the rear, works with a 130-150mm fork up front. Has bolt-on, replaceeable dropouts. 68.5 degree head angle, 73 degree seat, 343mm BB height (with 130mm fork without any sag). Now available in Fresh Orange, Electric Blue, Classic Khaki and Ltd Ed White. Sub-28lb build as depicted.

pace rc506
Pace RC506

Pace RC506
RRP: £1,395

Again, like the RC405, the RC506 remains fairly unchanged for 2010. Which is great news; this was one of our Bikes Of The Year in 2008. 150mm rear travel, 6066 aluminium, 150-160mm fork friendly. 66.5 degree head angle, 72 degree seat angle, 355mm BB height (with 150mm fork without any sag). Available in Slick Grey and Satin Silver Ano. Sub-29lb build as depicted.

pace 42:16
Pace 42:16

Pace join the Fixie wars with the 42:16.

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