Go Premier! Get A Free T-shirt

March 19, 2010

We’ve managed to get hold of 200 T-shirts from our friends over at Spoke Shirt and we are offering them free to every new subscriber who signs up for our top level Premier subs package via our online registration process.

Lovely heavy-weight cotton shirt - Free!

Premier Print & Digital Extra subscribers get the whole shebang of extra features.

  • Our award winning magazine delivered post free, eight times a year.
  • Access to our online back catalog of over 30 digital issues.
  • Download over 40 back issues in PDF format to read or print offline.
  • Access our magazine ‘Special Features’ area and access extended articles, extra galleries, video clips and more.
  • Reduce the ads displayed on every page of our website at the click of a button.
  • A Premier Club Card to access discounts from our Premier Partners businesses.

To claim your free t-shirt simply sign up for a Print & Digital Extra subscription by clicking the yellow ‘Premier’ button on the menu.

We have three sizes of T-shirt – M, L, XL when you have completed your subscription email despatch@singletrackworld.com with your username and preferred t-shirt size to claim your freebie.

We have limited numbers of T-shirts and when they are gone the offer ends. We will post an update on the front page of the site and in the forum when supplies are running low. Or give us a call before you sign up if you want to check stock levels.

Your first choice of size may not be available if all those sizes have been claimed so you may be offered a T-shirt of another available size. We will also post an update on the forum and on the front page of our site when stocks of any particular size are running low.

Please allow two weeks for us to process your sub, verify your details and post the t-shirt out to you.

Already a subscriber?

We are upgrading ALL subscribers to Premier Print subscribers. This will get you access to the extra features we publish on the site to accompany the articles and features in each issue of the mag. Or for just an extra £10 we can upgrade your sub to our Premier Print & Digital Extra level. We’ll then send you your free t-shirt.

Already a Premier Subscriber?

Just upgrade your account to our top level Print & Digital Extra level to claim your t-shirt.

Already a Print & Digital Extra subscriber?

Just email claire to claim your t-shirt!

Remember! We only have 200 of these t-shirts and once they are gone the offer ends! So don’t delay!

Want to see what else Spoke Shirt have to offer?

If you are already a subscriber then call Sarah or Claire on 01706 814397 and we’ll go through your options for you.

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