Fresh Goods

March 12, 2010

Nomad 18V Cordless Portable Power Washer
From: Start to Finish leisure

The world’s first pressure washer powered by a removable, rechargeable battery which has a 26 minute continuous run time. The Nomad Cordless features a quick-release detachable water tank which can hold 14 litres of water. It has a flow rate of 2.1 litres per minute with a 98 psi rating, a max spray distance of 7.4m and a 5.9m hose length. RRP £169.99

Mucky Nutz Bar Ends
From: Mucky Nutz

DIY bar ends. Using an elastomer expander to grip inside the bar and fitting any bars with an inner diameter of up to 17mm, these plugs have a designed profile to allow you to crimp a beer / bottle cap over them so you have some personalised bar ends.  RRP £10

Prologo Vertigo Ti 1.4 saddle
From: Zyro

Specifically designed for XC riding, this saddle has a carbon fibre injection base and incorporates a raised tail-end to improve comfort. With Pro Ti 1.4 rails and a claimed weight of 240g, the RRP for this saddle is £84.99. There is also a Ti solid rail version with super light foam padding available at £99.99

Multipower Active Sports Nutrition
From: Multipower uk

We got a box of nutritional goodies in from Multipower. Included are; chocolate flavoured, protein packed recovery bars, RRP £48 for 24 bars. Chocolate flavoured Multi Carbo Bar’s which are 60% carbohydrates and also include creatine, RRP £50 for 25 bars. Multi Carbo Gel packs, which provide a quick energy boost, RRP £45 for 30 sachets. Multi Carbo Boost concentrated gel with caffeine, RRP £36 for 18 100ml packs. Iso Drink mix, an isotonic mixture with a special carbohydrate matrix for optimum hydration, RRP £12 for an 875g tub. Multipower flapjacks, made from 45% energy giving oats, RRP £33 for 30 bars.

Bontrager Rhythm Comp Short
From: Trek UK

This tough short uses a combination of lightweight fabrics, dual zipped leg vents and has 6 external pockets. Doesn’t come with a liner. RRP £69.99

Nuke Proof Brake Pads
From: HotLines

These pads from Nuke Proof are all Shimano XTR compatible with different compounds. There is a DH specific semi metallic set, an XC specific semi metallic set and an organic set. RRP £19.99 / £17.99 / £14.99 respectively.

Two Wheels on my Wagon
From: Mainstream Publishing

Paul Howard’s account of his experience competing in the world’s most extreme endurance race – The Tour Divide which runs through the heart of the Rocky Mountains. RRP £10.99

Kryptonite Modulus 1010s Lock
From: Madison

The Kryptonite is a modular lock and one lock head fits various cable styles and lengths providing you the ability to customize your lock to fit various lock-up needs. Use one cable for a conventional 6-foot lock set up or use two nooses for double security.  Attach the lock head to your bottle cage bracket for a fixed lock position of detach it for a more portable solution. RRP £34.99