Orange Diva

January 7, 2010

News just in from the Orange boys, and girls, at t’other end of the valley…

The Diva, simply the best?

The Diva is for, well, riding. No acronyms, no confusion, and definitely no spiel from any Doctor talking about a pseudo-mythical woman. It’s not here to patronize, it’s just a new bike for women to go riding on!

Yes, the Diva is designed to be more comfortable, better suited to the female physique and all that comes with it. But more importantly we’ve designed it to promote confidence where a man’s bike would fall short. A stretched position on a bike doesn’t just make it uncomfortable, it makes it unwieldy and difficult to negotiate the simplest of trail features. We’ve made a bike that inspires confidence on all terrain, and that is what this bike is all about, on the trails or the cycle path, good old-fashioned fun.

The Diva geometry is designed to keep the rider in the centre of the bike. This creates better balance, improved traction, and creates a highly stable ride. It’s not just about a short top-tube, it’s about building a bike which puts the rider in control. The top tube isn’t just shortened in the usual cut and shut way women’s bikes can be. The steeper seat-angle puts the rider in the middle of the bike aiding pedaling efficiency and keeping the front end down on difficult climbs. It also distributes weight onto the fork, making sure travel becomes useable, not just a number where maximum compression is never achieved.

Good frame design also ties into comfort, distributing weight more centrally on the bike spreads pressure between a riders contact points; trimmed bars, a WTB Speed-She saddle and 170mm cranks. All this means more miles with less strain. Don’t go with the hype, you don’t need special gloves or comfort saddles when the frame fits.

Pricing and Availability
The 2010 Diva is available in 15″ and 17″ from any authorized Orange Mountain Bikes dealer. Bikes should be rolling into stores now and retail at £799.99

We have been promised photos of the Orange workshop crew dressed in frilly frocks to mark the occasion of the Diva’s launch.*

*May not be true, or desirable.

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