Mojo Winter Servicing (Premier Users Get 20% Discount)

January 27, 2010

From the mouth of head honcho Chris Porter…

Did someone mention linkages?

Summer is always busy in the MTB industry. So why not be the smart guy and get your bike serviced whilst a) the weather is poor and b) all the service centres aren’t busy?

If you are planning to do a suspension service at the same time as a whole bike service in a bike shop, some shops are running weeks – or even months – of backlogs when busy.

Mojo offer a super-fast turnaround all year long, but the pressure of a busy day in April and May means that you might be talking 3-4 days in the workshop rather than 1-2 days in the workshop.

So be smooth, be cool, take advantage of the unusually grim weather and get your Fox forks and shocks serviced at Mojo now rather than waiting until it’s busier!

Call Mojo on 01633 615815 or visit them here.

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