Ibis Mojo HD Hype

January 6, 2010

Here’s the schpiel from the Ibis guys in full…

Happy New Year! And we mean it when we say happy. Because we have news and answers for you.

First we’re going to give you two answers to the most asked questions of the second half of 2009.

Answer Number One: March 2010
Answer Number Two: $2,399

So there you have it, the Mojo HD is going to ship in March (of this year!) and the frame with rear shock will cost $2,399 (US MSRP).

And here’s what it’s going to look like (at least the white one will look like this):


Yesterday we leaked a little bit of information about the “HD” via our website. You can see it here, it’s a travelogue of all the places this first production frame has gone (or is about to go).

We’ve published an extremely informational web page for the HD. Here’s the URL: http://www.ibiscycles.com/mountain/mojohd

Information about kits, specs, pricing, and photos of the final frame graphics are all loaded onto our website, so you might as well head over to the aforementioned HD page and explore the page and its links.

At this time, the production schedule looks like this: we are planning a pilot production run late this month and the first real production run in late February. This means that the first production shipments should leave Santa Cruz by mid-March. Supply will be tight in the next couple of months as we both ramp up production and fill backorders. Remember, not only do we ship to a lot of customers here in the US of A, we’re also “big in Japan”. Well, ok we’re actually not that big in Japan, but we do have distributors in about 33 countries.

There are a couple more things we’d like to leave you with today…



We expect quite a few people will run their HD as a single chainring machine. To complement that, our engineering staff worked with MRP and Brian Lopes to develop a bash guard specifically for the HD. It bolts to the front of the robust Mojo lower link. The bash guard is a modified version of MRP’s popular and excellent G2 Guide. We’ll have them available in the webstore by the time the first HD’s are delivered.



To go along with your new Mojo HD, we’ve also got some new Ibis/Oakley/BL55 riding gloves. The graphics on the glove will go well with the your new HD. Unlike the HD though, you can buy the gloves right here in the Ibis store.
They’re super comfy, have a nice non irritating cuffless design, a one piece palm and are adorned with logos on both sides, including the Ibis head tube logo bird on the palm. They’ve also got a nice little terry nose wipe on the thumb. Oh, and they breath and stretch–in all the right places.

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