MAG SPOILER! Alfine vs Rohloff (Premier Content)

January 25, 2010

Picture 1

Thorn Sterling
Price as built: £2199
Hub and shifter: Around £1000
From: Tel: 01278-441519
Rohloff hubs from:

Picture 2

Charge Duster Eight
Price as built: £1299
Hub and shifter alone: £235.00
Shimano Alfine hubs from:

They’re a world apart in terms of cost and intended (and real-world) use, but we thought that we should put the venerable Rohloff Speedhub up against newish kid on the hub-gear block, Shimano’s Alfine. Let the battle commence.

For our comparative test of these similar-but-different hub gear systems, we brought in bikes from two bike companies who have always championed hub gears: Thorn and Charge bikes. Thorn, from St John Street Cycles has

been a go-to brand for long distance tourists for years, so it made sense to get their Sterling, one of their mountain bike/rough stuff machines, in. Charge bikes, meanwhile, had one of the first Shimano Alfine hub gear systems in the UK and the simple setup and operation of hub gears suits Nick Larsen’s ‘bikes should be for riding, not fixing’ mentality…

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