Singletrack Sunday Ride

by Matt Letch 7

We continue to embrace the filth. Slip sliding, thrutching and some failing.

Yes, we’ve worked out how to include “comedy” sound effects. Sorry 🙂

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  1. LOVIN the sound effects…!!

  2. nice ! so where abouts was this playtime then.. not slithery ???? lol

  3. It’s annoying when the trees jump in front of you like that ain’t it :~)

  4. Ben – Ragley Woods? Swing a right at the top of Midgets Pit (or go through the houses like at the start of the vid)? Got Monday pencilled in to finally explore that part of the woods…

    Excellent video.

  5. ‘Tis bits from all o’er the place really 🙂

  6. Had to watch it again just for the sound effects…

    More please!

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