Issue 54: Beautiful Losers (Premier Content)

December 10, 2009

mattcolumMatt muses that just because you’re not winning, it doesn’t mean you’re not trying.

I’ve always taken my non-competing seriously. When I say seriously, I mean I’ve taken other people competing very seriously and mostly to heart. All the while I’ve looked at them as some sort of mountain bike sub-species, in a kind of ‘Well, you can’t kill them but they should at least be sterilised’ way. As a liberal I understand their right to exist to but it doesn’t mean I want to read the Observer with them.

It’s an awful conundrum for someone who has enjoyed riding events but without really having an ounce of racer spirit in him. I know that without people who want to puke for fun or ride with their torsos laid flat along the top tube there’d be no events for me. I’ve taken part in 24 hour events, 12 hour night races and a quite a few enduros, such as the Dyfi Enduro. If I was going to place myself at all it would be a solid last third of the pack and while I’ll buzz your back wheel on the descent to get past you, I’ll happily let you winch past me up the next hill whilst I wonder who did the music for the Dirty Harry movies and unfocus for the next 20 minutes of pedaling ahead…

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