Vandals Damage Trails at Coed Y Brenin

October 14, 2009

The Coed Y Brenin Visitor Centre

Vandals caused extensive damage to mountain bike trails at the popular Forestry Commission Wales site at Coed y Brenin, near Dolgellau, recently.

Large rocks had been levered out of the trail surface, causing hazardous obstructions and leaving big holes. Signs were ripped off posts and branches strewn across the trail. Way-markers were removed at key junctions, and some direction pointers had been taken off and put back on to point in the wrong direction.

The damage could have caused an accident resulting in potentially serious injuries. Any risk was kept to a minimum by the prompt action of the recreation rangers.

“This was all done before a busy weekend and had very obvious safety implications for riders. A few way-markers changed round may be considered to be high jinx. However, just one arrow pointing in the wrong direction could result in a rider getting lost and in poor weather they could be in big trouble,” said FC Wales Mountain Bike Ranger Andy Braund.

Coed y Brenin is a very popular and successful recreation destination bringing 130,000 visitors and substantial economic benefit to the area. “It is unclear why anyone would want to cause damage and disruption on this scale. We are assisting the police in their enquiries in an effort to apprehend the culprits,” said Andy.

The Forestry Commission has asked Singletrack readers to keep their eyes open when riding there. Report any damage or odd goings on to the Visitor Centre.

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