Saracen Revive The Kili Flyer

October 12, 2009

Saracen are back with something for everyone. Of particular interest is the return of the Kili Flyer, Simon Wild aka Mr Saracen, gives us the skinny…

The Kili lives on.

“We felt the Kili bike was an Iconic part of Saracen history so just had to make the new generation bikes a fitting tribute to the past.

The Kili Flyer is hand made in the UK, fillet brazed using Tange Prestige – just like the original Prestige model but with all new geometry built around a 120mm fork. Light enough to race, comfortable enough to ride all day. The aquamarine paint job with polished details is a nod to the original Kili while still looking very on-trend.

We’ll be offering the Kili Flyer Cr-Mo in 2 spec levels, an ‘affordable’ SLX/Fox F120 RL version at around £2K and Premium version with XT/XTR.

The other new bike is a made in the UK Kili Flyer Ti bike. First frame samples have arrived and are looking good, testing is proving they ride pretty well too, we’ll send some pictures over soon.

To complete the range will be an off-shore built model that retails around the £850 mark and will feature a Deore/Recon spec.”

We’ll be hassling Simon for a test ride starting, well, about now, but more details on the Saracen range can be found here


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