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October 21, 2009

A camper's delight

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_SIM7633Ortlieb T-Pack
: £20
From: Lyon Equipment www.ortlieb.co.uk

Yes, it is what you think.

The T-Pack is Ortlieb’s solution to question every serious camper or bivvyist has come across: how do I keep toilet roll dry?

The T-Pack is made from Ortlieb’s usual waterproof, tear and abrasion resistant material. The pack incorporates their simple roll-over fastening – as opposed to a normal zip closure – which keeps the weather and water from getting inside.

The bag has an internal roller system (like a standard toilet roll holder) which keeps the roll inside the bag whilst paper is being pulled out. It also has an adjustable strap system which allows you to hang it from the nearest tree, fencepost, passerby etc. The bright orange fabric ensures you won’t lose the T-Pack easily either.

Sadly, a full roll of luxury quilted toilet paper is too large to fit inside the pack. Standard two-ply paper fits better, or a part-used (so to speak!) roll of fatter paper.

Overall: An interesting piece of equipment for the Ortlieb-aholics out there. A sandwich bag is still probably a better option for most people.
Nathan Clarke

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