Lambretta’s Bicicletta

by Nathan 18

Famous for their production of early 1940’s and 50’s scooters which were integral in the rise of the mod culture and more recently for their clothing collections, Lambretta are launching their very first ‘bicicletta’, which will be brought to you by Fisher Outdoor Leisure.

The limited edition Li126, which will retail at £599, is modelled on the famous scooters of the mod era and will be launched to the public at the London Cycle Show, Earls Court 8-11 October.


The 500 limited edition bikes, which have their own authenticity certificate, will be fully custom built and Lambretta branded throughout, with the distinctive Lambretta logo appearing on the aluminium frame, the comfort saddle and the tyres, while the bespoke flat-design mudguards are finished off with a reflective logo in the shape of the famous Mod target symbol.

lamb seat

The bike will also come with air suspension and disc brakes.

Fisher Outdoor CEO Richard Allmark says ‘We are very excited to be launching the Li126 Lambretta Bicicletta.  We are huge fans of Lambretta, and as such have been faithful in our efforts to create a bicycle with style and class, that is in keeping with the brand heritage. Though the brand is vintage, the Li126 is a thoroughly modern bicycle. We have used the latest developments in bike technology and design to create a beautifully honed and high-performing ‘city cruiser’ bike.”


To see the Li126 first hand at next week’s Cycle Show you can get a discounted ticket for just £10.00, saving £4.50 off the on the door price by simply visiting and entering the discount code STM when prompted.

Comments (18)

  1. Needs 50 lights and mirrors

  2. I think it needs a hub gear or something to make it a bit more elegant, or as cheese said lights and mirrors.

  3. looks like a cheap hybrid with some nice shiney bits on it (mudguards, stem, etc)
    those calipers look like powder coated versions of tetreko IO brakes, possibly the most horrible brake i have come into contact with

    nose up: snooty about bikes mode…. ON

  4. Jesus.. that is nearly as bad as using poor John Cooper’s name for some retarded Fixie.

  5. Looks faster and better than any other vehicle they’ve produced

  6. “modelled on the famous scooters of the mod era”

    Really? In the same way those Lambretta clothes are inspired, by which they mean they are just George at Asda with a label?

  7. It’s a genuine homage. The scooters were crap, and so is the bike

  8. perhaps wiggins will ride the tour on one next year.

  9. Like Paul Weller. Ghastly.

  10. Or you could look at that it might persuade someone to buy it, they ride it think riding is kind off nice, and a year later buy a better bike and become a commited cyclist. Heaven forbid that someone might be taken by marketing…..

  11. crock of crap
    are there any good car/motorcycle branded bicycles?

  12. the worst idea since the last worst idea, ugly terrible and will only be purchased by fuktards.

  13. I saw one of those BMW full suss bikes the other day at Woodhill, i’d compleatly forgotten how Sh1t they were, the guy that owned it looked pretty pleased with himself, i can only assume that he’d just had a w@nk in the porta loos.

  14. While it does look duff and in no way “modelled on the famous scooter” except possibly the graphics and maybe over priced (dunno bout hybrid prices tho) some of the elitist and cliquey comments above are out of order.

  15. As an avid mountain biker and a Lambretta enthusiast I can say this thing is an abomination to both my hobbies.

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