DMR Alloy Wingbars – Safety Recall

October 16, 2009

image002DMR have announced that their 25.4 mm, anodized alloy Wingbars have become subject to a voluntary recall.

The affected handlebars are ones that have been sold as aftermarket items since June 2009.

Anyone currently using these handlebars is advised to stop using them immediately, as the company have identified a potentially serious safety issue with the latest batch. DMR have received three reports of injury as a result of handlebar failure and they say there is a risk that the handlebars my crack or break at any time, with the potential to cause serious injury.


Anyone who has the handlebars in question is advised to return them to their local authorised DMR dealer and arrange for a free replacement to be provided, or else to contact DMR directly.

Customers are advised to return the handlebars even if they can see no sign of damage.

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