Interbike Part Three: More from the desert

Interbike 2009-126

A fixie with gears? Yep, public pressure has persuaded Sturmey Archer to come back out with their three speed fixed wheel hub.

Interbike 2009-125

Get used to the 'many clashing colours' look. It's all the rage these days.

Interbike 2009-124

The Felt Compulsion - now 150mm travel with 1.5 degree slackened off the head tube for proper 'big bike' performance.

Interbike 2009-123

The Felt Virtue One - 25.5lb of XC fun - with redesigned tubing, an integrated gusset and some slick graphics.

Interbike 2009-122

We can't help but love that graphic that goes right over the rocker. The company that applies the decals reckons they can only do five in a day as it's so complicated. And if you wonder why Felts now look quite snazzy, it's because they've poached the graphics guy responsible for the fantastic Lapierre range.

Interbike 2009-120

Another look at the Yeti ASR 5 - which we first showed you in our Eurobike coverage. A five inch XC bike? Or a light all mountain machine? Up to you.

Interbike 2009-112

Salsa's new drop bar for 'cross and adventure bikes - super wide (the flat bit is 46cm) with a really short drop, it should find many fans. It's called the Woodchipper and comes in normal and oversize.

Interbike 2009-108

Not a new Surly Endomorph tyre (though there is one of those) this is actually a 24in monster cruiser tyre fitted front and rear to a normal Surly 1x1. They did say they were versatile machines, didn't they?

Interbike 2009-106

Spotted on most of the Intense bikes - an SLX level direct mount front derailleur. Now you have a choice.

Interbike 2009-97

Now that's a pretty carbon seatstay. And it's from Titus.

Interbike 2009-95

Titus has a load of new colours and this completely new X-Carbon. 4in travel and a 4.8lb frame/shock in Medium

Interbike 2009-94

The full Titus X-Carbon

Interbike 2009-92

The Titus FTM was introduced last year - how about this brand new Titanium one?

Interbike 2009-90

Chipps says he'll fight anyone who doesn't think that this matt/polish finish isn't gorgeous. (He's suffering a bit from the desert heat, don't mind him...)

Interbike 2009-89

To our knowledge (feel free to prove us wrong) this is the first flared 1 1/8th-1.5in headtube that's been done in titanium.

Interbike 2009-91

Another flared tube, this time on the Carbon Ftm - still with 5in of travel.

Interbike 2009-88

Internal cable routing...

Interbike 2009-87

Moulded-in logos - it's the little things...

Interbike 2009-86

Under down-tube rock bash plate for the carbon.

Interbike 2009-84

The full FTM carbon

Interbike 2009-79

The same Ibis Mojo HD that we brought you from Eurobike. It's been stripped of its Stars and Stripes decals and remains a proto, though we're off to see Lopes' World Champs bike in the show hall tomorrow to see how they differ.

Interbike 2009-82

A detail that was hard to make out in our Eurobike coverage - the back end of the 160mm Ibis Mojo HD has a Maxle rear axle.

Interbike 2009-77

Just for Singletrack member bent_udder - a shot of the Kona Magic Link Cadabra bike up close. The bikes at Eurobike were bolted to backings with the drive-side outwards, so it was impossible to get in close. Here you are!

Interbike 2009-75

Smith Optics have some really great lens tints coming out for next year - oh, and they sponsor the current World Mr Peat Champion

Interbike 2009-73

Chopper aka Greg Randolph with the new gold mirror Serpico shades.