Cannondale ‘Simon’ at Interbike 2009: Video Diary 3

by Mark Alker 6

In the absence of any really groundbreaking product launches from the bike industry (most of it was done at Eurobike it seems) Cannondale have today told us they have invented the next phase in the evolution of suspension. It’s an electronic suspension control system.

Mark was just passing the media Centre TV studio in the heart of the Interbike exhibition hall when they started the ‘Big Announcement’. Flanked by two pretty ladies who just seemed to smile a lot and contribute er.. nothing really, we were run through a demonstration of Simon.

We caught the launch on video, so rather than try and explain it we’ll let the Cannondale engineers do that for us. Apologies for a) the dodgy video audio and b) for Mark’s ‘wandering’ lens when he started to lose interest in the gentlemen speakers.

Chipps has wandered over to the Cannondale stand and will have closer pictures and more details in a full report very soon.

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  1. Oh my that was dull… no wonder Mark’s camera arm gravitated to something more interesting.

  2. I though Pro Flex did that over 10 years ago

  3. Ho dam I fell asleep, did I miss anything

  4. Interesting technology. Wonder how long it is before we see a bike with electronically controlled damping front and rear as well as an MTB version of the Shimano Di2 electronic shifters?

    Its bad enough losing your phone charger – imagine if you loose your bike charger!

  5. hi-speed bus, yeah get on one, out of here

    I wonder if you can make it bounce up and down like a car with hydraulics?

  6. adjusting bottom out resistance on the fly?
    most people don’t know what that “blue knob” on top of the leg with the “red knob” at the bottom does

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