Leaf Charlston Frame

by Ben Haworth 7

Leaf’s new Charlston frame. Designed for rider Carlo Dieckman.

charlston frame


(photos: Uwe Bartesch)


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  1. Even by Singletrack’s standards this has got to be some of the laziest journalism ever.

  2. It’s a nice looking frame. Doesn’t really need anything more.

  3. It’s a rather ordinary frame from a company few will have heard of, ridden by a rider even fewer will have heard of. I’d say that a little more detail would be expected.

  4. Just another steel frame with typical geometry. Ooops, it’s blue – is it allowed here?

  5. winge, winge, winge. I’m actualy interested in cycling of all sorts and being keept up to date with the industry is good enough for me. Cheers, nice looking frame, sorry to the other replyers(?)that it’s not an in-depth review of a £5000 carbon XC frame.

  6. Christ almighty, I’ve almost given up coming on this site. It’s almost a race too see who can be the most negative/antagonistic person on here. It’s been said before, but anyone new coming on here must wonder what they’re getting into and think us all a bunch of tw**s.
    Instead of just laying into the mods about lazy journalism, how about just politely asking for more info? or if it’s not your thing, don’t say anything at all and ignore it?

    Where’s the love gone guys?

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