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Pure Evil. Before their re-birth Evil were well known for their burly little hardtails and the 'new' Evil is keen to keep up that heritage. The Evil Faction looks like it's well up to the task and that yellow is perfect. Now imagine an Evil Revolt in that colour. Mmmm...
All Evil frames come with a decal pack for you to customise your ride as you like and they'll be bringing out decals throughout the year so you can ride the zeitgeist wave.
Black 'n' Evil. The new Evil Sovereign.

It's the early '90s again! No, it's not, don't worry, but RaceFace are keen to get some colour back in to your life with these Atlas bars. Also available in green, blue, red, orange, purple, gold and black.

RaceFace Deus cranksets. The white ones remind us of the venerable Turbines a lot.

Brant has just popped round with some grips for us to have look at, they should match the Ragley range of frames. Good colours Brant.
Superstar are now doing a range of wheels. Here we have the Tech 2 Switch wheelset. £159.99 gets you full cartridge bearings, adjustable axle options so you can run them 9mm, 15mm or 20mm and DT Swiss spokes. Oh, and custom rim tape.

The Pure Racing KSi850 should cause some interest with those of us who are becoming hooked on being able to raise and lower our saddles on the fly as it comes in at just £59.99, and it's available in 27.2mm! Time will tell if it's a bargain or a false economy though.

Smith's PivLoc glasses let you snap the arms off the lens and swap out lenses. Very simple and secure so far.
No, he's not trying to be the next Bono. Chipps shows the three lenses that come with the new Smith Pivloc glasses. Black, their great mirrored rose lens and slightly mirrored clear.
Fox Shox' new RP23 with BoostValve
Fox' new TALAS 15QR fork with FIT technology.
Chunky clipless pedals from Syncros are Shimano cleat compatible.
Ritchey carbon stem. Not all carbon, but a layer of carbon around a thin alloy body.
The new Magura Julie HP. Affordable and now with a high pressure system compared to the low pressures of before. We're looking forward to trying these...

At the Singletrack Classic Weekender I was amiably accosted by a bloke who put these in my hands. They pop into the end of your bars and you can then stick beer bottle tops on them to show your beverage allegiance.

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  1. >Good colours Brant.


    Full range here –

    Pricing is £15, with the solid cnc end caps as you see there. The white grips should have white painted caps. All the others are black, as colour matching rubber to paint is hard!

  2. GRRReen for me please Mr R.

  3. green for me as well please!

    The Superstar “custom rim tape” doesn’t make me want to buy those wheels.

  4. I think the design on the Evil Sovereign is by Jeremy Fish..?

    I have a pair of Nike Zoom SB sneakers with similar motifs.


  5. ooo… when is the new Evil sovereign due out ?.. looks very nice.

  6. Ah, those bar ends! Technology is wunnerful!

    Got to have 🙂

  7. Can I have the Fox forks please? I need them.

    I’ll write a review if you want. 😉

  8. “venerable Turbines”?!! Cheeky, mine are still going strong, must be 9 yrs old now, still get “are they new?” comments due to long-lasting silver shineyness…

  9. those mucky nutz look cool. £6 for those interested. but what beers…

  10. mmmmm, sharp beer cap edges, facing towards your hands, so now you can shave the skin off your hands, rather than punch the bar through your guts.

    Evil looks secsy

  11. Evil, no 863 sticker. Correct? Whats the new RRP?

  12. how much will the Syncros pedals be ?Can you get em tested and see what they are like please?

  13. Hora – 853 you mean? Sov is now Tange Prestige. RRP is quite a bit lower but I’m afraid I can’t remember the exact amount so I won’t say owt in case it’s wrong! 🙂

    Oldfart – I’m giving them a go starting from this weekend. Review in a few issues time.

  14. Re – Mucky Nutz Bottle Top End Caps – You would imagine, if designed properly, the ‘sharp’ bottle top edge would sit underflush with respect to the handlebar abutment shoulder diameter (largest diameter on Cap), hence preventing skin contact. Can you comment Muckies?

  15. “Muckies” here. Thanks Singletrack for posting some of our bits. We’ll send some other stuff once we get them developed.

    ‘jghsingletrack’ you’re right! The ‘shoulder’ is slightly larger than the bottle-top diameter so you won’t “shave the skin off you hands”.

    We’ve obviously tried and tested them with various bottle-tops, just to be sure. The worst bit was having to consume all that beer. It’s a hard life!!


  16. jockhaggis doesn’t deserve the shocks. He’s not good enough for them. Give them to me and you won’t be sorry. I’m much better.

    I’ve just fitted a pair of the new Magura Julies because they were cheaper than a second hand pair of Hopes and were recommended by my bike shop. I’m rather pleased with them. I’ve stopped every time I’ve pulled the levers and they feel solid. I’ll be interested to know what you make of them. I’ve used Hopes and posh Avids on demo bikes and can’t remember them being any different. I still want Hopes, of course, because they are beautiful, but I’m poor and need a new fork (see above) and could really do with a new crankset as well.

    You wouldn’t have a spare crankset lying around, would you? RaceFace Deus would do fine. I’m not fussy.

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