The Singletrack Classic Weekender – The Saturday

June 22, 2009

cyandbenRather than wait until the actual weekend itself to “debut” the race format, we thought it might be a good idea to do a scaled down version beforehand. Very scaled down. Just three competitors to be exact.

On a sunny Monday afternoon Ed Oxley (Great Rock), Brant Richards (Ragley Bikes) and Cy Turner (Cotic Bikes) turned up to do battle. The idea was to pretend it was the Saturday of the Singletrack Classic Weekender – the day of the “Classic Trials” and the “Downhill” rounds.

Benji was there with his trusty videocam to capture the thrills and the spills.

First up was the “Classic Trials” round. Five obstacles. Only one chance to get it each one right. If the obstacle was cleared (with no dabs and without leaving the confines of the imaginary race tape) the competitor incurred no time penalty. If they put a foot down – or went outside the imaginary race tape – a 1 minute time penalty was incurred (ie. added to their Sunday XC time).

After the “Classic Trials” round was completed by all three competitors it was time for the “Downhill”. It was here where each rider’s differences came into more effect. Ed knows the course like the back of hand and was on a bouncy bike designed for “gravity assisted” riding (Orange Blood). Cy was riding the course unseen on a mid-burly full-susser (Cotic Hemlock). Brant was feeling the after-effects of an earlier crash (see/hear video below) and was riding a hardcore hardtail (Ragley Blue Pig).

The benchmark time for the Downhill course is 1 min 30 secs. Competitors will incure time penalties (ie. time added to their Sunday Β XC time) for every 10 seconds over this time. Anyone who puts in a time faster than the benchmark will earn a time bonus (ie. time subtracted from their Sunday XC time).

If a competitor does the “Downhill” in 1m 30 secs they incur no time penalty.
If they do it in 1m 51 secs they incur a 2 minute time penalty.
If they do it in 1m 22 secs they receive a 1 minute time bonus.

So basically if you do well at the “Classic Trials” and the “Downhill” you’ll start the Sunday’s XC race at (or close to) 1:00pm.

If you mess up all the “Classic Trials” and put in a slowish time on the “Downhill”, you’ll have incurred a few time penalties and you’ll have to wait a few minutes to start the Sunday’s XC race (eg. 1:14pm).

The idea being that the Sunday’s XC race works under a handicapping system. A handicapping system that’s based on performances from the previous day’s “Classic Trials” and “Downhill” rounds.

This way, whoever crosses the XC course finish line first is the Weekender Winner! No waiting around for panicky-looking computer bashers to formulate the results.

It sounds a whole lot more complicated than it is in practice (phew!) πŸ™‚

So the standings for Ed, Brant and Cy after their “pretend Saturday” were as follows…

Ed Oxley
Classic Trials: 2 minute time penalty
Downhill: 2 minute time bonus
Sunday XC start time: Β 1:00 pm

Brant Richards
Classic Trials: 2 minute time penalty
Downhill: 1 minute time penalty
Sunday XC start time: Β 1:03 pm

Cy Turner
Classic Trials: 0 minute time penalty
Downhill: 0 minute time penalty
Sunday XC start time: Β 
1:00 pm

Stay tuned for part two – Sunday’s XC. Will “Local Hero Ed” elbow “Gentleman Cy” into the first ditch? Can “Bruised Brant” make up his 3 minute handicap?


There’s still plenty of entries left for this “say-you-were-there” event. Entry on the day will be possible but it’s cheaper (and less risky) to enter early online –

Props and shout-outs:-

The “Classic Trials” event is kindly sponsored by Singular Cycles.
The “Downhill” event is equally kindly sponsored by Maxxis Tyres.

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