Strathpuffer Lite, June 27th

by Ben Haworth 0

The ‘Puffer Lite’, a summer version of the gruelling Strathpuffer all night winter endurance race, is set to take place on Saturday 27th June. So instead of icicles in your eyebrows you’ll get midgies in your underwear. But don’t let that put you off, because this race is altogether more benign, with seven hours of daylight instead of seventeen hours of darkness.

Organiser Steve Macdonald of Square Wheels is doing it because the Dawn Raid (Golspie) and the Outsider festivals have been put out to graze for this year.

The race will run in the same place as its big brother, in Contin by Strathpeffer, starting at 8.00pm Saturday and finishing 8am Sunday. Teams are solos, pairs and teams of four and there are huge prizes being lined up. If you’ve done the previous Puffers, why not complete the set?

Closing date is midday Saturday 20 June and places are filling up fast. To register, follow the link to Sportident at