Missy Giove in huge drugs bust…

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missy-gioveAccording to the Schenectady (New York) Gazette:

“Melissa “The Missile” Giove, 37, from Chesapeake, Va., and Eric Canori, 30, of Preserve Way in Wilton, were charged by federal agents with conspiracy with an intent to possess and distribute more than 220 pounds of marijuana.”

What is it with ex-Volvo Cannondale riders eh? Myles Rockwell was arrested a couple of years ago for growing loads of the stuff at his house.

This time, Missy was caught in a DEA ‘sting’ with a box-trailer full of 400lbs of marijuana and found to have over a million dollars in cash…

The full story is here: www.dailygazette.com

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  1. oh, gonna have to find a new supplier!!!

  2. And she look so clean cut too.

  3. poor missy. (well now anyway)

  4. As Windsor Davies always used to say

    “Oh dear, how sad, never mind!”

  5. I feel like a Hobbit in the bar – “It comes in POUNDS!?” wow. Not messing about.


  6. 220lbs… That’s what I weigh!

  7. Reading the story in the link – it was 400lbs of weed and $1-2million


  8. Possession of 400lbs.
    Distribute 220lbs.
    That’s 180lbs for personal use.

  9. pullfaces beat me to it. Maybe she can argue its for personal use. I mean look at her!

  10. Rockwell…..Giove…….Everything’s pointing towards Sydor being Mrs. Big.

  11. Has she only got one leg in that picture?

    Well, she’ll have some nice new room mates anyway!

  12. bet melissa cant wait 2 get in slammer…all the pussy she can eat !

  13. ….’Would you’?

  14. I can now see Cadel Evans being this year’s ‘drugs bust the day before the Tour’ scandal. The whole operation will collapse once they break ‘the Missile’ (although that may not be easy). My bet is Tinker is the boss of the V-C Cartel…

  15. Ah, a smack and crack thread.

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