Sea Otter Eight

April 27, 2009

Got everything made from carbon? How about a carbon fibre dog bowl for your furry friend?


The things people do to get noticed. Genuine Innovations obviously didn't fly to the Sea Otter as they'd never have got this lot through security.
Here's the new things from Genuine Innovations - a mini bike pump with storage at the far end for your CO2 cartridge, which then screws in the near end to inflate your tyre. If you get a second flat, you can use it as a regular pump.
Even World Champs need to eat. Christoph Sauser snacks on a beef sandwich while Chipps sneaks round the back and gets a picture of his new SRAM XX brakes.
What the? We're guessing this must be the personal bike of someone at Specialized. A carbon 29er frame with custom graphics, Spesh carbon cranks and a singlespeed setup.


Needing a new handlebar for your Vicar's bike? How about the new Metropolis from FSA?
If you choose to run your Ibis Tranny as a singlespeed, you can fit a new hanger-less dropout that comes with integrated bottle opener instead.
Again, if you choose to run a singlespeed setup on your Tranny, then you can simply unbolt the cable stops and replace them with single hose guides for the rear brake.
Very orange. Here's a closeup of how the chainstays work on the Tranny, extending enough to take up the slack in a singlespeed chain. Alternatively, it allows you to remove the whole back end and fit the bike into a tiny case.
A quick peek into the Santa Cruz warehouse. Here's a lineup of Stigmata frames, plus boxes of SRAM stuff. Goodies!
The new Santa Cruz Jackals finally exist...
A closeup of the Santa Cruz Driver 8 - which must feature the most pleasing 'on-bike' profile as the monocoque comes from the big headtube and tapers to where the swing link is anchored.
Mmm... blue. Single ring only, though if you need more than nine gears, you can run a Hammerschmidt.
Lezyne's new chain tool also features spoke keys for regular nipples and Mavic too.
It's all about colours this year. Here are some Lezyne tools.
And new CO2 dispenser. Keep the CO2 cartridge safe, then flip it round, screw in and dispense.
Lezyne pumps and new slimmer, high pressure road pump.
Lezyne's new shock pump with integral, super simple pressure gauge, activated by air pressure on the coil spring. There's also a replacement hose available for their regular tyre pump.

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