Chumba Back in the UK

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Chumba VFL.

Press Release…

“We are pleased to announce that we at Progressive Bikes have teamed up with Chumba Racing to bring the complete Chumba product range back to the UK.

“The return of Chumba to the UK will bring Chumba classics like the XCL, EVO and F5 back to the UK trails. Their latest offering, the VF2 is Chumba’s answer to a stiff light weight all day trail bike with 5” of travel via a horst link carbon rear swing arm and custom made hydrofromed, butted top tube and flared manipulated down tube. Chumba now also offer the HX2 a 29’er specific hard tail frame and an AM hard tail, the HX1, both with eccentric bottom brackets to be able to run single speed.

“When Chumba design and build a bike they design them to be the stiffest bikes on the market. The frames still have unique design features, like the extra wide and inverted bottom bracket shell, super wide linkage pieces with stiffening braces, E-type derailleur insert to allow use of wider diameter tubing for a stronger and stiffer front triangle and Race and trail proven geometry refined over a decade, all these features and more back up Chumba’s claims that their bikes are some of the most laterally stiff frames on sale today.

“Building on the solid start at WC round 1 in South Africa (Duncan placed 12th) US riders Duncan Riffle and Brad Benedict of team GiantNerd/Duncan Riffle Racing (DRR) will be riding the Chumba F5 in the 2009 UCI World Cup as the newest factory team on the WC circuit.”

Chumba XCL.

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  1. It’s rare I get excited by full suss frames but that VFL looks awesome to me! I need prices! 😀

  2. Yeh, it’s upside down, can’t you see that… ;0

  3. that inverted BB shell info is very misleading. what it means is the main frame pivot is on the outside and the swingarm pivot is on the inside. look how it goes blue, white blue on the pic above. most would go white blue white. its got nowt really to do with inverting or BB shells.

  4. I like it but the blue/white build really doesnt do it for me (scratches eyes out with twigs)

  5. freeandsingle, check out the prices at, we even have an introductory offer on the VF2 and XCL 😉

  6. Why has the 5 inch XCL got a slacker head angle than the 6 inch VF2 (68 + 69)? Misprint?

    Look very nice though. Weight seems a little too good to be true if the claimed stiffness is there?

  7. Doh! Got them the wrong way round.

  8. I’ve got a medium XCL, still getting my head round the shock (but thats setting up a RP23). Its spot on for my height- all of it. Ive ridden it on the Hope Tour (twice), Lakes/Gaburn (twice) and North Downs. Its still more burler than I will ever be (so no flex etc) and its 2lb lighter than a meta5 frame (why are they soo heavy?!)

  9. ohh dear, i’m looking at the VF2 and touching myself…………Nurse!

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