Shed Fire Ragley visits Singletrack

March 26, 2009

Ed O, Singletrack’s favourite pirate impersonator, owner of local guiding company, and Shed Fire test rider, popped round for coffee and to show us his new Shed Fire Ragley. He reckons it’s more fun that boarding canal boats with a cutlass, we’re not so sure about that, but it does look fun.

We’ll get some more details from Ed or Brant and hopefully get a ride on one soon. (Pun intended)

The Ragley, titanium 'grrrrrr' bike, designed in Calderdale by a man in a shed built in the US by Lynskey in a bigger shed.
This is the 16" Ragley, looks suitably slack and low to us even with 140mm forks.
Proving that someone has been sweating the details is this hidden away chainstay bridge.
You're now 98% less likely to catch your jeans on your disc caliper when doing supermen, something we are always doing. Ahem.
Fell off the back of a sea container and into the back of a van.


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