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February 6, 2009

The bikes for the next issue are nearly all in now, so here’s a quick peek at some of the machines that’ll be out on the hills this weekend… So far, we have two of three bikes in for our bike test – the new, improved Scott Genius and the new DW Link Turner Five Spot – there’s a Cannondale turning up on Tuesday to complete the test. We’re also doing a head-to-head with two linkage bikes – the Commencal Super 4.1 and the new Orange ST4 – seen here with optional frame-matched Mavic rims… 


Baby Blue Orange ST-4 in for a head-to-head feature... That's actual sunshine too!
The ST-4 will be going up against the Commencal Super4 - a very interesting test.
Orange's first 'linkage' bike has been out a year now, with some quiet fans out there. We're really looking forward to riding it.
How about those rims then? Colour coded rims are an option for anyone getting a custom-colour Orange.
The new and improved Scott Genius - also destined for Issue 48.
Swoopy niceness, with that proprietary shock hidden behind it.
The Scott Genius - or 'Genius Scott' as seen from the drive side.
Turner Five Spot - complete with new DW Link is going to be in the next issue.
It looks kind of complicated, but the reality is pretty neat.

Well, there you go. Short and sweet. Check out the next issue of Singletrack when it’s out on March 12th… In the meantime we’d better get busy…

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