Fresh Goods

February 20, 2009

This saddle from Rido is a touch unusual and has caused quite a bit of head scratching round the office due to its unique design. The proof is in the sitting though, so we shall have to see how our bums get on with it.
Every saddle manufacturer and his Taiwanese dog seems to have a cut away saddle design in their line up these days, but Brooks have had one in their portfolio for over 100 years.
Big, brown baggy shorts from Royal.
Argyll isn't just for golfers, it's also for freeriders.
Kinky Bikes makes ace chainstay protectors, our test bikes almost always end up with one attached. Now in new and exciting flavours.
How tiny is this Genuine Innovations CO2 inflator? A great idea for lightweight tyre inflation or a recipe for finger freezing mishaps?
velo_soloThreaded track cog in gold ano alloy and singlespeed cassette spacers in rasta colours from VeloSolo. Rasta seems to be the colourway of the season judging by the products we’ve had in recently. 

More bits from Cane Creek, this time headset press tools to fit your Cane Creek headset perfectly without damaging the cups.
Stu from Yeti dropped off Tom's 575 frame. Tom isn't in the office till next week so we can taunt him with this photo. LOOK TOM WE HAVE YOUR FRAME!