New Sidi Dragon-II shoes in gloss red…

January 20, 2009

Ahh, hell, all you need is the press release info…
We’re split here in the office, but those that like them, REALLY like them. Careful though, they’re not shoes for going slow in…

Cue the marketing hyperbole!

Red hot and ready to roll. The SiDi MTB Dragon 2 SRS Vernice is inspired by racing-red Italian passion and hand crafted with the same inimitable SiDi knowhow that has made the MTB Dragon 2 range such a sought after addition to any MTB kit.

A prestigious colour, associated with winning designs, the MTB Dragon 2 SRS Vernice is of the highest calibre, the Vernice finish in red is bold but with such a sleek, lustrous design and the latest in shoe technology, it’s only natural that a version of the Dragon 2 would emerge that remains true to its Italian heritage, a naturally and unashamedly flamboyant style statement.


SiDi shoes are built around comfort and performance. At the heart of the Dragon 2 SRS is the revolutionary and patented MTB SRS Carbon Sole, providing a slight flex in the toe while retaining the excellent stiffness and power transfer in the body of the shoe. Engineered for a high-mileage cyclist who requires rigidity without compromising blood circulation. SRS Carbon Soles are designed to ensure maximum performance with superb comfort.

The high shine Vernice patent leather upper is soft and pliable yet tough, so that the shoes fit as though they were a second skin but can stand-up to whatever is thrown at them. They feature a soft in-step closure system with anatomical, padded strap that has been perfectly formed to distribute pressure over the entire in-step area. In addition a calliper buckle locks in two ways, allowing for micro-adjustments to guarantee a precision fit.

To customise the fit even further, the Tecno II buckle uses a monofilament line and fine-tooth ratchet for smooth adjustment. It adjusts the upper of the shoe to the shape of the foot. More importantly, it is easy to adjust when riding, so the shoes never hamper your performance.

A molten fusion of fashion and functionality, the MTB Dragon 2 SRS Vernice in Red will breathe Italian fire into MTB shoes.

And now, the inevitable downside… A pair is going to cost you… Β£284.99
Rich, fast people only need apply…

To see the full range or for stockist information visit the website or call 0208 991 9244.

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