Mountain Mayhem Announces New Sponsor!

by Chipps 11

Original Source, one of the UK’s fastest growing washing and bathing brands, has announced a three-year title sponsorship of Mountain Mayhem.

The partnership with the world’s biggest 24-hour mountain biking endurance event will launch this June 19-21st.


Original Source has sponsored the event as part of an ongoing campaign to align the brand with extreme sports, while targeting its core audience of those who love intense experiences.

Following the announcement, Philippa Heywood, Senior Brand Manager at Original Source, commented: “This is the perfect fit for Original Source. We’re getting the brand involved in what its users naturally love to do. It also makes absolute sense for Original Source washing products to have a presence at one of the muddiest and most intense events in the UK and provide some light relief to our saddle-weary warriors!”

The always-a-bit-tense Mayhem start line. At least it should smell fruitier this year with Original Source as sponsors

The established event, which will be re-named ‘Original Source Mountain Mayhem’ as part of the sponsorship deal, is in its twelfth year and attracts an audience of 15,000 spectators.

Taking place at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire, the race sees both riders and non-riders competing solo or as part of a team at the festival-style event.

Patrick Adams of Pacific Edge Events, owners and organisers of Mountain Mayhem, added: “Given the type of brand that Original Source is, it’s not only a great match for Mountain Mayhem, but opens up a realm of exciting possibilities for what we do this year. Expect surprises, excitement and one of the best Mountain Mayhems to date.”


Entry forms will be out here and on the official Original Source Mountain Mayhem website at midnight on February 28th.

Comments (11)

  1. Expect surprises, excitement and one of the best Mountain Mayhems to date.

    And showers. Lots of showers. 🙂

  2. Hopefully of the plumbed-in type… 🙂

  3. Hope I don’t get my shower gel and energy gel mixed up…I’ll be frothing at the mouth and have really sticky bits…

  4. Changing the venue would have been my priority!

    But hey money talks!

  5. i hope they have ordered good weather for this years event. it was a little damp in ’08 and from what i can gather ’07 too!

    it would also benefit from decent water repellent dirt too!

  6. Original source Mint and Tea tree shower gel refreshes parts other shower gels can’t reach.

  7. Clearly from the picture above..

    Original Source cleans your legs and strips the hairs off too – goodbye Epilator. Hello Mint Tea Nitromors.

  8. “New Venue” umm that would be nice

  9. my team ‘Virgins With Beards’ have done mayhem in 07 and 08.

    07 being warm and wet
    08 being wet and very very windy

    Hopefully this year we will need the sunblock and not a waterproof coat and a windbreak.

    Any one driving their entry up to the famous MR Adams?, due to the forms being handed out on a sat night, cause i will be…

  10. Getting a course that holds up if it rains a bit should be the top priority. The last 2 years have been bike wrecking mud fests. Good luck this year.

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